First bit of the NUts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts

 (Sorry not all the tables translate- its late, ill try and fix this later)

The ability scores

Strength (Str)

A characters physical power, their ability to lift heavy objects, to strike harder in battle.

You apply your strength modifier to:

Damage rolls
No bonus for crossbows, and off-hand weapons without the two weapon fighting feat
x.5 for light melee weapons, and off-hand weapons with the two weapon fighting feat
x1 for all bows, single handed melee weapons and light two handed weapons and off-hand weapons with the ambidextrous feat
x1.5 for all two-handed weapons, and medium melee weapons with the Crushing blow feat, and bows with the Bear Strength feat
x2 for two handed weapons with the Crushing blow feat

Endurance (End)

A characters staying power, their ability to run long distances, wear heavy armor.
You apply your endurance modifier to:

Your Fortitude saving throw when appropriate
Your overall HP minus any penalty for wearing heavy armor

Constitution (Con)

A characters general health, the ability to withstand disease and sickness, to heal quickly.

You apply your Constitution modifier to
Your fortitude saving throw when appropriate.
Your overall HP.

Dexterity (Dex)

A characters hand-to-eye coordination, reflexes and limberness.

You apply your Dexterity modifier to:
Your overall AC, minus any penalty for wearing heavy armor
Your reflex saving throw
Your to-hit Roll
No bonus for off-handed weapons without two weapon fighting feat/ambidexterity
x.5 for two-handed weapons, with off hand weapon with either ambidexterity/two weapon fighting
x1 for normal melee weapons, off hand weapon with both ambidexterity and two weapon fighting, primary weapon with either two weapon fighting or ambidexterity, all Bows and Crossbows
x1.5 for all light melee weapons with no offhand weapon, light thrown weapons (balanced only)

Intelligence (Int)

A characters deductive, reasoning, learning and analytical abilities.

You apply your Intelligence modifier to
Your Will save when appropriate
X2 For your bonus number of skill points when you go up a level, or on your characters birthday
Number of spell points gained each level
Your arcane spell skill ranks

Wisdom (Wis)

A characters intuitive understanding of the world.

You apply your wisdom modifier to:  
Your Will save when appropriate
Number of spell points gained each level
Your Divine spell skill ranks

Charisma (Chr)

Your characters cult of personality. A person with high charisma is more popular with other beings of its race. Charisma has no effect on other races. Giants and humans are considered to be similar races. Charisma is not the measure of physical attractiveness.

You apply your charisma to:
Various role-playing skills

Comeliness (Com)

Your characters overall attractiveness to others of the same or similar races. Comeliness has a variety of different effects on how others perceive the character but can be negated.

Ability Adjustments by Race

Race    STR    END    CON    DEX    INT    WIS    CHR    COM        Human    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0        Changeling    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    2        Half-Pint    +2    0    0    0    -2    -2    +4    +2        Pint    +4    +2    +4    0    -4    -2    -4    -8        Sidhe    -2    -2    0    +2    +2    0    0    0        Tinker    -2    0    0    0    0    +2    0    0        Beastkin                                        Large Cat     +2    0    0    +2    -4    0    -2    0        Large Herbivore/
Reptile    +4    +2    0    -4    -4    0    -2    0        Wolf    +2    +2    0    0    -4    0    -2            Medium Cat    -2    -2    0    +4    -2    0    -2    0        Medium
Reptile    +2    0    0    0    -2    0    -2    0        Small Cat    -4    -2    0    +6    0    0    -2    0        Small other    -2    0    0    +2    0    0    -2    0        

Bonuses apply to initial rolls as well as racial maximums; a character cannot exceed his racial maximum without magical means, but may train a stat up a maximum of +4

Pint: Base land rate of 60, Large creatures, ½ skill points per level, next higher HD, x2 HD at 1st level, 75% of XP
Sidhe: Can be small or medium, base land rate of 30,Low light vision, ½ food need,
Tinker: Medium, Base land rate of 30, low light vision
Beastkin: Use sensory bonuses according to base creature, may have low-light vision, heightened smell, better chance to spot moving objects, heightened hearing, long distant vision, natural weapons
Large predator, herbivore, reptile, Large Creature, Base land rate of 50, next higher HD, 75% of XP
Medium predator, herbivore, reptile, Medium creature, Base Land rate of 40, 90% of XP
Small any: Small creature, base land rate 20-30, 90% of xp

Simple Weapons    Dmg(S)    Dmg(M)    Dmg(L)    Armor
Red.(M)    Armor
Red.(H)    Critical    Range    Weight    Type        Unarmed Attacks                                            Gauntlet    1d2    1d3    1d4    -2    -4    X2    
    1lb    B        Unarmed Strike    1d2    1d3    1d4    4    -6    X2        1lb    B        Light Melee                                            Dagger    1d3    1d4    1d6            19/x2        1lb    P,S        Dagger,
Punching    1d3    1d4    1d6    +2    +2    X3    
    1lb    P        Light Mace    1d4    1d6    1d8        -2    X2        4lb    B        Sickle    1d3    1d4    1d6    2    -4    X2        2lb    S        One-Handed Melee                                             Club    1d4    1d6    1d8        2    X2        3lb    B        Heavy Mace    1d6    1d8    2d6            X2        8lb    B        Solar Mace    1d6    1d8    2d6        +2    X2        6lb    B,P        Short Spear    1d4    1d6    1d8            X2    10    3lb    P        Two-Handed Melee                                             Quarterstaff    1d4    1d6    1d8    -3    -6    X2        4lb    B        Spear    1d6    1d8    2d6            X2    5/R    6lb    P        Ranged                                            Hand Crossbow    1d3    1d4        2    -6    19/x2    30    2lb    P        Light Crossbow        1d6            2    19/x2    50    4lb    P        Heavy Crossbow        1d8            +2    19/x3    100    8lb    P        Pint Hunter        2d6        +2    +2    X3    40    16lb    P        Widow Maker            2d6    +2    +4    X3    150    25lb    P        Dart    1d3    1d4    1d6    5    -10    X2    5    1oz    P        Javelin    1d4    1d6    1d8        2    X2    30    1lb    P        Sling    1d3    1d4    1d6    -5    -10    X2    30    1oz    B        Martial Weapons                                            Light Melee Weapons                                            Throwing Axe    1d3    1d4    1d6    -2    -2    X2    10    1lb    S        Light Hammer    1d3    1d4    1d6        2    X2    5    1lb    B        Hand axe    1d4    1d6    1d8            X2    5    1lb    S        Light Pick    1d3    1d4    1d6    +2    +4    X4        3lb    P        Sap    1d2    1d3    1d4    I    I    Sp        ½ lb    B        Short Sword    1d4    1d6    1d8            19/x2        2lb    S,P        One Handed Melee                                            Battleaxe    1d6    1d8    2d6            X3        6lb    S        Flail    1d6    1d8    2d6    Sp    Sp    X2        5lb    B        Long Sword    1d6    1d8    2d6            19/x2        4lb    S,P        Heavy Pick    1d4    1d6    1d8    +2    +4    X4        6lb    P        Rapier    1d3    1d4    1d6    4    -8    18/x2        1lb    P,S        Scimitar    1d6    1d8    2d6            X2        4lb    S        Trident    1d6    1d8    2d6            X2    5    4lb    P        War hammer    1d6    1d8    2d6            X3    5    5lb    B        Two-Handed Melee                                            Falchion    1d8    1d10    2d8            X3        8lb    S        Glaive    1d8    1d10    2d8            X3    R    10lb    S,P        Great Axe    1d10    1d12    3d6            X3        12lb    S        Great Club    1d8    1d10    2d6            19/X2        10lb    B        Heavy Flail    1d8    1d10    2d6    Sp    Sp    19/x2        10lb    B        Heavy Solar Mace    1d8    1d10    2d6        +2    19/x2        10lb    B,P        Great Sword    1d8    1d12    3d6            19/x2        8lb    S        Guisarme    1d8    1d10    2d8            X3    R    8lb    S        Halberd    1d8    1d10    2d8            X3    R    8lb    S,P        Pike/Lance    1d6    1d8    2d6            X2    R    9lb    P        Ranseur    1d6    2d4    2d6            X3    R    8lb    P        Scythe    1d6    2d4    2d6            X4        10lb    S        Ranged                                            Longbow    1d6    1d8    2d6        2    X3    100    3lb    P        Composite Longbow    1d6    1d8    2d6        2    X3    120    3lb    P        Short bow    1d4    1d6    1d8        2    X3    60    3lb    P        Composite Short bow    1d4    1d6    1d8        -2    X3    80    3lb    P        
Notes on Weapons:

Armor Reduction: Both Medium and Heavy armor gains an additional bonus or penalty versus certain weapons. Weapons with the ‘I’ notation are cannot harm someone in the appropriate armor. Weapons with the ‘Sp’ designation ignore shield bonus.

Range: The designation ‘R’ indicates a Reach weapon. Most Reach medium weapons have a reach of 10’, a pike has a reach of 15’. A small ranged weapon other than a crossbow has a range of ½, a large of x2. A strong character can add one range increment for every point of modifier but gains no extra bonus to hit.

Bows:  Any type of bow can be made to give a character a strength bonus with it. A character with a lesser strength takes a -2 penalty for every point below the strength it is made for up to -10. A higher and the character cannot fire the bow. A medium creature cannot use a bow made for a large creature, but a large creature can use a medium bow.

Short Spear: A Short spear is no longer than 5’, usually 4’ long. It can used in one hand or on horseback. It can be thrown short distances.

Spear: The standard spear of Managuenne is between 6 and 8 feet long depending on the user. It has a broad blade, and a crossbar to prevent an enemy from becoming deeply impaled on it. It is most commonly used with a shield. It may be thrown but not far or well.

Solar Mace: A Morningstar. Favored sidearm of many knights for its resemblance to the suns rays.

Pint Hunter: A huge crossbow designed to lob heavy bolts to take down pints. It fires a solid iron or steel bolt. A successful hit can knock a medium creature back at a DC 10 Fortitude or Reflex Save. Bounty hunters favor a bolt with hooked blades that imbed into flesh, this has no effect on smaller creatures but causes another d4 of damage on removal, from large creatures. unless the creature makes a DC 12 Fortitude save on being struck. DC 24 on crit. Can be reloaded in one round by a large creature, or in two by a medium.

WidowMaker: A pint weapon can kill a human in a single blow and severely wound a pint. A large creature can reload this in one round, a medium creature in three.

Double-Ended weapons are lame: Note all double-ended weapons have been removed. If they were effective weapons then they would exist in real life; they don’t. Get a clue!

Weapon Quality:
Weapons have a weapon quality of poor, common, quality, masterwork, dwarven, and master dwarven. These have the following effects:
Poor: Critical miss on 1-5 typically breaking the weapon, ½ range for ranged weapons,
Common: Critical miss on 1-3 typically breaking the weapon, ¾ range for ranged weapons
Quality: Critical miss on 1, normal range
Masterwork: Critical miss on 1, +2 ST, +1 to hit, +2 range,
Dwarven: Critical miss on 1, +4 ST, +1/+1 , +3 range
Master Dwarven: Critical miss on 1, unbreakable by a non-magical weapon, +2/+1, x1.5 range

Armor    Cost    Bonus    Max Dex/End    Armor Check Penalty    Weight        V. Light Armor                            Padded    5gp    +1    +10    0    10lb        Leather    5gp    +1    +10    0    12lb        Light Armor                            Cured Leather    10gp    +2    +6    -1    15lb        Chain Shirt    150gp    +4    +4    -2    25lb        Breastplate    50gp    +4    +5    -1    20lb        Medium Armor                            Wool    5gp    +2/S,P +4    +2    -4    15lb        War Leather    25gp    +3    +3    -2    20lb        Heavy Hide    5gp    +4    +3    -3    15lb        Scale Mail    35gp    +4    +4    -4    30lb        ChainMail    300gp    +5    +2    -5    40lb        Light Plate    200gp    +5    +3    -4    30lb        Heavy                            War Chain    500gp    +6    0    -8    60lb        Splint Mail
Banded    250gp    +6    0    -6    45lb        Partial Plate    700gp    +7    0    -7    50lb        Fitted Plate    1500gp    +8    +1    -6    50lb        War Plate    2000gp    +9    0    -8    75lb        Exotic                            Fitted Leather    150gp    +1/+3    +10    0    10lb        Combat Armor    1000gp    +3/+5    +8    0    18lb        Battle Armor    1200gp    +5/+7    +2    -2    30lb        


Leather: Uncured leather double layered in the torso but otherwise uncured and very flexible. Consists of pants, shirt, and a cap or hood.
Cured Leather: A crafted suit of leather that has been boiled in oil to make it more durable. Consists of a heavy cuirass, light leather pants with heavier boiled layers over the thighs and calves. Comes with a leather helm, reinforced with brass, iron or steel.
Breastplate: A bronze or steel breastplate, skirt, helm and greaves. The arms, and most of the legs are bare. The armor of a Greek hoplite.
Wool: Layers of felted wool. Very cumbersome and heavy but resistant to piercing and slashing (+2 effective AC), also virtually invulnerable to the bite of ordinary beasts. Used by wolf hunters in the winter.
War Leather: Cured leather that has been reinforced with studs and or strips of metal. Plates cover the shoulders, upper arms, thighs and calves. Comes with a heavy bronze or steel helm.
Heavy Hide: Uncured leather of beasts. Layered where it counts.
Light Plate: Fitted plates of metal backed up with leather and chain
War Chain: A full suit of chain armor reinforced with double layers of chain at vulnerable spots. Heavy.
Partial Plate: Heavy fitted plates of steel backed up by chain.
Fitted Plate: A full suit of fitted steel or bronze plates.
War Plate: As with fitted plate but the metal used it thicker, and heavier. Cumbersome, usually used on horseback.
Exotic: All exotic armor requires special feats to use.
Fitted Leather:  A suit of mixed light and heavy leather reinforced with metal. Custom made a character trained in its use knows how to catch blows on the hardened sections. A character with medium armor proficiency gains a +1 to AC, a character with the fitted leather feat gains +3. Must be custom made.
Combat Armor: As with fitted leather with heavier metal sections.
Battle Armor: As with fitted leather, with less leather, more metal sections, armor of this type often has built in weapons.

Large: Large armor is thicker, gaining a +2 to overall AC
Poor: Looses -1AC every time it is hit by a critical hit
Common: Looses 1-AC every time it fails a ST at -2 when hit on a critical
Quality: Loosed -1AC on a ST when hit on a critical, absorbs -1/-2/-3 HP of damage on Light, Medium, Heavy armor
Masterwork: -1Dex/End/Armor Check, Looses -1AC ST +2 when hit on a critical by a masterwork or greater weapon only, -1/-2/-3 damage reduction
Dwarven: +1AC.-1Dex/End/Armor check, ST +4, -1AC on hit with dwarven or magical weapon, -1/-2/-4 damage reduction
Master Dwarven: +1AC, -2Dex/End/Armor check, ST +6, immune to damage from non-magic weapons, -2/-3/-4 damage reduction



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