A totally new campaign universe, built around a very heavily modified D&D system. New Races, Classes, Systems, its all been rebuilt! The campaign world is built around the idea that from the beginning players only have a very brief idea of the world, and the rules and powers governing each class and race. When a class, and race is selected the player gain new knowledge of the world specific to their character. How their character views the world. Knowledge is further enhanced by feats and skills. A characters world viewpoint may in fact differ quite a bit from other characters, not just perspective, but in hard facts. Character focus is not on maximizing stats, figures and statistics but in creating a fun and imaginative character, the numbers come later. The world is fully formed in my head at the moment, its just a matter of writing it all down (and life priorities ;) ). The campaign is not centered around a series of adventures, but on exploration and adventure, figuring out their place in the world, the players involved, and the place they want to occupy. At the moment I have sketched out an overview of the world of Managuenne, with just a bit of work on the ‘hard’ side of things. Would love thoughtful feedback, questions, and input to motivate me to work more on this. Note that all info on this campaign at the moment is limited by the campaign premise of limiting characters knowledge so not every question can be answered, not every detail will be published. Look to the other pages for more info!